How to Apply for a China visa in Hong Kong

I hope that this post will help you to obtain your China visa in Hong Kong fast and without any problems.

For US citizens, we can apply for a 10-year China visa in Hong Kong. This is for citizens who previously had applied for a China visa in the past but for my boyfriend who have never been to China, he was still granted the 10-year visa. I’m not sure for non-US citizens, but I assume the process will be pretty similar.

The lines are long so make sure you have the following things before you head to the China Resource Building in Wanchai:

  • A filled out application form (Visa Application Form of the People’s Republic of China Form V. 2013). On page 2, 2.2 Intended number of entries, check Other (Please specify) and write 10 years (US citizens only)
  • One copy of a visa photo (same as a passport photo)
  • A copy of your passport and your Hong Kong visa (either travel visa or work visa)
  •  If you have a Hong Kong ID, make a copy of that too
  • Supporting documents of why you are going to China (ex: For a tourist visa, you need either a hotel confirmation with your name on it or a copy of flight tickets) (If you are applying for your whole family, make sure that the hotel confirmation has every guest name, especially the ones who are applying for the China visa. You need a copy of the hotel confirmation for each person applying for the visa.)
  • Your passport and Hong Kong ID (if you have one)

*If you have previously gotten a China visa, you need a copy of that old China visa* So if it’s in an old passport that expired, you can either bring that old passport or make a copy of it.

Right when you go to the 3rd floor of the China Resource Building, get in line to grab a ticket that tells you your place number. In order to get this number, you MUST have your application form all filled out.

Address: 3rd Floor, China Resource Building, No. 26 Harbor Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong.
Wanchai subway station, exit A1.
Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 1.13.03 PM

Hours: Monday- Friday (except public holidays) 9am-12 pm and 2-5pm

* I’d avoid going in Monday morning since it is one of the busiest days. Also, you should arrive at least a half an hour before it opens to avoid waiting for hours (get there by 8:30am).

*Notice that there is a 2 hour lunch break so if you leave the building during the break time, you won’t be able to enter the building until 2pm (there will be a line again).

Inquiry Hotline: +852-3413-2300/+852-3413-2424 (There is a 24-hour automated recording. If you want to talk to a staff member, call between 10-11am or 3-4pm)


  • You are not allowed to bring any food or drinks in the building (that includes water bottles). If you bring it, then they will ask you to leave it outside the building.
  • If you need a visa photo, you can get it done in the China Resource Building. They have a photo booth on the 3rd floor on the right hand side where there is someone there to assist you. It costs $50 HKD and they give you 6 copies.
  • If you don’t have access to a copy machine, you can make copies there and it costs $1 HKD per page. Make sure to bring $1 coins since the machine does not give change or accept any other type of coins. Some people exchanged $1 coins at the photo booth.
  • When you turn in your application and documents, they will keep your passport; they need to keep your passport so that they can place your China visa in there.
  • The normal waiting time for the passport is 4 business days. You can pay more to have if completed earlier (2 or 3 business days).
  • For the normal processing time, it costs $1,100. Make sure to bring exact change. You pay when you pick up your China visa.

Good luck and remember to get there early with all your documents! When I went, I had to wait 4 hours until I was called whereas my boyfriend only had to wait about 15 minutes because he had all his documents in order before getting there.